Recycling & Skips

Waste Material Recycling

BDL Demolition provide cost-effective recycling of waste materials produced from all demolition projects carried out for our clients, this in turn also helps to keep project costs down. BDL Demolition are consistently investing in plant, vehicles etc in order to achieve 95% recycle rate of waste from residential, industrial, and commercial projects ensuring benefits to our clients and the environment.

Waste materials recycled from BDL Demolition projects include all and any materials that can be recycled, thus reducing the need to send material to landfill. By diverting these waste materials from the local landfills enables us to pass on savings to our clients, as well as being a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for demolition waste material.

Skips & Skip Lorries

Another cost-effective solution that benefits our clients is operating our own vehicles ensuring that BDL Demolition are not reliant on other companies to provide skips for projects. This also reduces cost for our clients, while making the demolition process from start to finish more efficient. Whether the project requires a skip delivery or pick up early in the morning or late at night, BDL Demolition can accommodate our clients in a timely manner. Having our own skips and skip lorries enables increased productivity, ensuring project completion on time and within budget.

BDL Demolition, are a family run business who care about our employees, our clients, and the environment. By recycling 95% of all our demolition project waste materials, means we are reducing our environmental impact while passing on the benefits to our customers.