Health & Safety Management

BDL Demolition operate a stringent Health and Safety Management system. To ensure that our standards meet or exceed those required by law or industry guidance, our management team work closely with our external Health and Safety Advisors. BDL Demolition have a long-term relationship with our health and safety advisors and use their services on a frequent basis, for guidance and assessment of our compliance on-site, and for policies and procedures.

The health, safety and wellbeing of employees, clients, customers, the general public, as well as any others affected by our activities, are of paramount importance to BDL Demolition. We carry out an extensive training programme to ensure all operatives are up to date with all safety procedures required, in order to carry out projects. With careful planning, experienced and well qualified operatives, along with expert supervision and management, the risks are minimised and controlled.

Industry Demolition Manager Certification

Our Management Team hold the industry Demolition Manager certification and our onsite teams are led by qualified Demolition Supervisors. Site staff all hold CCDO (Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives) which is affiliated with the CSCS Card scheme. All staff hold Asbestos Awareness certification, renewed annually. BDL Demolition constantly access all training and competency needs in house, with refresher trainings carried out when required or when renewal is required. This enables BDL Demolition to provide a fully trained, safe, and experienced workforce to carry out all activities on site to a safe completion.

All works are subject to a Safety Monitoring programme, with each site being visited on a regular basis, either by a Director or our Health and Safety Advisor, to ensure that works are being carried out in a safe manner. This also ensures controls identified within our risk assessments and the methods of works, specified within our site documentation, are being adhered to.

Employee Protection

All employees are subject to a health surveillance programme by Occupational Health providers. Monitoring the health and wellbeing of our employees ensures detection of potential issues in a timely manner with support or intervention provided as required.

BDL Demolition have known many of our employees and their families for a long time. We treat the safety of our employees the same way as that to our own family members. BDL Demolition will not compromise on safety. We make sure all staff have a workplace that is as safe as possible, and ensure staff are not subject to undue risk to their health and safety.

Commitment to safety is evident in everything we do. Simply put, BDL Demolition value our employees, customers, and clients, and will not place them, or anyone else, at risk from works.